THANK YOU for joining us!

Thank you for your collective voices and exchange of ideas, for contributing to the critical mass of innovation required for us to truly change the experience of healthcare.


Bayer G4A hosted its first GLOBAL VIRTUAL event on November 18, 2020.

Equity. Access. Sustainability. These three tenets are the pillars of how we change the experience of healthcare. With this in mind Agents Of Change: A Digital Health Forum was designed to be a conference like no other. The virtual form-factor, no-cost ticket price, and self-navigation experience meant that nobody, regardless of income, geography, time zone, or day-of availability would be barred from participation – just as we would design healthcare to be. Agents Of Change: A Digital Health Forum became G4A’s first truly global showcase.

Who are Agents Of Change? We all are. Together we are catalysts operating in the digital health ecosystem, relentlessly driven by our mission to change the experience of health. Whether you’re a start-up, investor, patient, entrepreneur, student, executive, or enthusiast, you are a change-maker.

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